Monograph of Algeria

System of Government:
Democratic Republic.
Economic System:
Market Economy.
The Parliament:
The National People’s Assembly.
The Council of the Nation.
The Councils:
The Council of Ministers is chaired by the President of the Republic.
The Council of Government is chaired by the Head of Government.
July 5, 1962.
National Holiday:
Anniversary of the Revolution : November 1st (1954).
Algerian Constitution revised by referendum on November 28, 1996.
2,381,741 km2.
37 million inhabitants.
Demographic growth: 2% (1996).
Capital city:
Algiers (Arabic: al Djazair, French: Alger, 4,5 million inhabitants).
Geographical situation:
Located in the center of North Africa.
North: Mediterranean Sea (Coast: 1200 km).
West: Morocco.
East: Tunisia and Libya.
South-West: Mauritania and Western Sahara.
South: Mali and Niger.
Official language: Arabic (language of holy Quran).
National language: Algerian Arabic.
Local dialects: Wahrani, Kabyle, Chaoui, Mozabite, Tergui, Sahraoui.
Other languages: French, English.
Communication languages:
Arabic – French – English.
Mediterranean in the North and tropical in the South.
Islam is the religion of the State.
Algerian Dinar (AD) = one hundred centimes.
Exchange rate:
1 US $ = 60 DA.
Local Time:
G.M.T. + 1.
Telephone code:
The most important cities:
Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Annaba, Sétif, Béjaia, Tlemcen, Tizi-Ouzou, Batna, Ouargla, Sidi-Bel-Abbès, Mostaganem, Tiaret, Ghardaia, Mascara, Tamanrasset, Relizane, Tindouf.
Algiers, Oran, Arzew, Annaba, Mostaganem, Skikda, Béjaia, Ghazaouet, Jijel, Beni-Saf, Ténès, Dellys.
Sea transport:
120 million tons.
– International Airports:
Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Annaba, Béjaia.
– Domestic Flights:
Tébessa, Tlemcen, Tamanrasset, Biskra, Béchar, In Aménas, Hassi-Messaoud, Djanet, El-oued, Ouargla, Ghardaia, Tindouf, Chlef.
– Other Airports:
Boussaada, Ghriss, Mostaganem, Mechrea, Boufarik, Tafraoui.
Road network:
100,000 kilometers.
Rail network:
5,500 kilometers.
Oil refining, Gas Liquefaction, Petrochemistry, Processing industry, Industrial equipments, Electric-Electronic industries, Metallurgy, Iron and Steel, Food, Electricity, Cement, Textile, Mechanical Industry (production of trucks, buses etc…)
Natural Resources:
Petroleum, gas, iron, lead, zinc, phosphates, uranium, gold, diamond, copper, coal, manganese, mercury etc…
Market gardening, citrus fruits (oranges, mandarins, clementines, lemons), grapes, olives, dates, pears, apricots, peaches etc…
400,000 hectares.
Major growth industries:
Hydrocarbon, Petrochemical industries, Electronics, Textile, Tourism industries, Mining industries.